Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DataObjects.Net v4.0: development news

Being brief, we're just starting development of this branch. Until this day we were mainly focused on v3.8.X (mainly - bugfixes, tests and new upgrade feature) and v3.9 (partitioning, configuration & bugfix migration from v3.8.x) branches, and actually this was rather difficult for us. In the nearest week or two we're stopping all activities except bugfixing in v3.8.X branch, releasing v3.9 (it already behaves quite good on tests), and switching on it as on primary branch; v4.0 becomes our primary development branch after this moment.

As it was mentioned before, v4.0 won't be shipped as a single assembly - we're going to ship (and develop it) as a set of much less dependsnt components (assemblies). Further I'll try to cover the most inetresting ones of them.

P.S. Who am I? I'm the owner of Xtensive LLC, its President and CEO. Formerly I'm the architect of DataObjects.NET. I'm still playing architect role in this project, but now I'm paying attention mainly to design of its new version.