Monday, October 16, 2006

DataObjects.Net v4.0 components: SQL DOM (SqlDom)

We've finally made a decision to implement CodeDOM-like model for SQL language (mainly - its DML part, but probably even DDL), as well as a set of compilers for it for a set of different RDBMS (initially - Microsoft SQL Server, later - Oracle, Firebird, MySQL).

We're going to resolve a set of problems by doing this:
- Significantly unify existing code in our drivers: normally they'll implement just schema extractor and SqlDom compiler. Such parts as UpdateActionTranslator and Persister will be almost fully RDBMS-idenpendent.
- Develop DRBMS-independent LINQ to SQL translator.

There is one strong requirement to SqlDom: it should be possible to use it with generally any database model (e.g. ours), or separately.

Most likely this component will be available separately - there are lots of applications for it, e.g. dynamic query \ search \ reporting engines. In conjunction with our schema extraction layer it could play a nice role in such applications.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

DataObjects.NET v3.9 passed all our tests

I've got the following report from Alexander Ustinov on Friday:

4620 success, 72 ignored, 0 failures, 19192,82s

The tests were performed on Micsoroft SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition in 6 different configurations. So v3.9 is quite close to release. The only unfinished tasts are new partitioning sample and updated documentation.

Version 3.9 of DataObjects.NET is result of joined efforts of Alexander Ustinov, Dmitry Maximov, Marat Faskhiev, Nickolay Svetlov and Marat Bakirov. I quite appreciate the work they did - this version contains really dramatic changes in its internals.

Other DataObjects.NET developers are (we didn't list them anywhere else yet, so let's start here): Alexey Belov, Alexey Filatov, Sergey Vostretsov, Denis Bredikhin.