Monday, October 16, 2006

DataObjects.Net v4.0 components: SQL DOM (SqlDom)

We've finally made a decision to implement CodeDOM-like model for SQL language (mainly - its DML part, but probably even DDL), as well as a set of compilers for it for a set of different RDBMS (initially - Microsoft SQL Server, later - Oracle, Firebird, MySQL).

We're going to resolve a set of problems by doing this:
- Significantly unify existing code in our drivers: normally they'll implement just schema extractor and SqlDom compiler. Such parts as UpdateActionTranslator and Persister will be almost fully RDBMS-idenpendent.
- Develop DRBMS-independent LINQ to SQL translator.

There is one strong requirement to SqlDom: it should be possible to use it with generally any database model (e.g. ours), or separately.

Most likely this component will be available separately - there are lots of applications for it, e.g. dynamic query \ search \ reporting engines. In conjunction with our schema extraction layer it could play a nice role in such applications.

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