Thursday, November 16, 2006

DataObjects.Net v3.9: Query Profiler

We're working on the long-awaited tool in v3.9 branch: Query Profiler. It allows to:
- Build & run a Domain by a configuration section inside its own AppDomain; expose it via .NET Remoting
- Connect to a Domain running in another local or remote instance of Query Profiler, or simply to another Domain via .NET Remoting
- Profile Queries: check syntax, see the execution result in grid, generated SQL & execution plan
- Profile FillDescriptors: check syntax, preview loaded properties in grid, see underlying queries & their execution plans
- Profile Session.Preload: see underlying SQL & execution plan for each query for a single Preload operation.
- It will be an application hiding into system tray, so generally it will be quite easy to access it. You can keep running one of such applications as "server", e.g. on your test server, and configure developer applications to connect to it on execution.

Some of these features may not be implemented in its initial version.

Other features we're planning to implement later:
- ObjectModel & DatabaseModel browser.

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