Thursday, January 10, 2008

Xtensive.Indexing, Xtensive.Integrity - early Community Preview

We've just published a preview of some of assemblies forming our new storage platform:
- Xtensive.Core - all we couldn't find in System \ mscorlib \ System.Core assemblies, as well as some essential aspects ([Synchronize], [Lockable], [Changer], [Trace])
- Xtensive.Indexing - data indexing framework. B+ tree-based indexes, measures, Bloom filters, [Index] aspect.
- Xtensive.Integrity - atomicity (undo \ redo), delayed validation. Staged (atomic) events and transactions will also be moved to this assembly shortly. [Atomic], [Validate] aspects.
- Xtensive.Sql - DOM for SQL language. Can be downloaded separately here.
- Xtensive.Messaging - protocol-independent message exchange framework.
- Xtensive.PluginManager - plugin search and loading framework.

You can download the binaries with NUnit tests for them here.

Comments \ highlights and examples will follow up shortly.

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