Monday, February 25, 2008


Free FiXml tool is ready. You can download it here.

Brief summary:

FiXml is post-processor of XML documentation produced by C# \ Visual Basic.Net. It addresses some of the most annoying cases related to writing XML documentation in these languages:
- No support for inheriting the documentation from base class or interface. I.e. a documentation for any overridden member should be written from scratch, although normally it’s quite desirable to inherit at least the part of it.
- No support for insertion of commonly used documentation templates, such as “This type is singleton - use its <see cref="Instance" /> property to get the only instance of it.”, or even “Initializes a new instance of <CurrentType> class.”

To solve mentioned issues, the following additional tags are provided:
- <inheritdoc />, <inherited /> tags
- <see cref="..." copy="..." /> attribute in <see/> tag.

Please see its documentation for further information.

P.S. Quite short summary: FiXml eliminates two most frequent cases leading to copy-pasting the parts of XML documentation - of course, by our own experience.


  1. very cool litle program

  2. FiXml tool is available now - you can download it here:
    - - the project FiXml is a part of it; for now it contains just this tool.
    - License Agreement - .zip file contains it;
    - FiXml Documentation - .zip file contains it.

    Finally, here is the folder containing all these files.

  3. Forgot to add - if you'll like the tool, please publish a link to this page ( ) at any relevant place you'll find ;) It will help the others, + will help to make our blog more popular, and consequently, will motivate us to publish more free tools.

    The next one can be a tool for bulk "strings to resources" migration - we've build it rather long time ago, but actually had no time or enough good reasons to publish it. The main difference in comparison to existing ones is that it allows to do this for all the strings located in some C# \ VB.Net project at once (certainly with your manual control).

  4. We've just updated the tool - few bugs were fixed.

  5. This tools semmes really interesting, but i don't understant where i can find the needed file : Xtensive.MSBuildTasks.Targets

  6. Right now it's inside zip... It was a bug - we really forgot to include it. Hopefully this happened not earlier than on the latest update.

  7. Btw, it's quite we will create a standalone installer for it tomorrow - right now we're updating DO installers, and if the time will permit, Xtensive.MSBuildTasks setup will be integrated into it. The best way to do this for us is is to create a standalone installer for it - everything else (i.e. integration into new DO installer) require 10 min. of work.

  8. Thanks, for that !

    I made a small targets file to test fixml... It's really interesting !

  9. We've just replaced .zip with installer and updated codebase to the latest version.

    Check it out here.