Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Last week changes

We're still working mainly on indexing. Today I'll describe our indexing layer architecture here - at least this should give some imagination of why all is so complex, and we're taking more and more time.

Updated plans for the nearest three weeks:
- Launch the new web site. Initially we planned to launch mainly HTML-based web site, but on the last week we decided to get much more featured one. It became obvious on this week it will take some additional time to get all the features we want implemented, so I assigned additional people from our "research team" (working on v4.0) on this task. Earlier we've spend ~ 2 man-weeks on its "soft" part (i.e. everything else design \ HTML code), so it will be a perfect case to check if it's really easy to build a full-featured software company web site on DO v3.9 + some of our new stuff (mainly - Xtensive.Core)
in some reasonable time frame (~ 1 month in total). For now we're going to deliver all the essential features mentioned before (downloads \ my downloads, news, orders, license \ subscription tracking, help desk (questions, support, search), indexing & search of the whole group of web sites (primary website, blogs, forum) ). Further simple help desk will be "exploded" Wiki + Knowledge Base + Help Desk.
- Complete the following parts in Xtensive.Core: fast & strongly typed binary serialization (Xtensive.Core.Serialization namespace), size estimation
layer (Xtensive.Core.SizeCalculators, should be shortly used by indexes).
- Implement Xtensive.Xml.Serialization (mainly - deserialization of \ applying changes to generally anything from XML files). Right now we need this to get the "default" content (common dictionaries, such as Currency, Sex, etc...) imported to a web site database, plus handle download \ product definitions (Product, Edition, Branch, Version, etc. in web site model). As you may expect, this will work even v3.9 version of DO.
- Continue work on Xtensive.Indexing. Still lots of things to do, although basic indexes and wrappers pass most of the tests now. Further details will follow today.

Concerning the DataObjects.Net 4.0 CTP: it's still postponed. We're targeting to end of April now - codebase is still growing fast...

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