Sunday, March 02, 2008

Upcoming website update: new features

I've mentioned we're going to launch a new web site shortly. Planned date is already passed - there is still some work to do; plus, we can't launch it until it works perfectly. In any case, now it is a question of week or two. You can get some imagination of its design here (it's the original design version, the current one seems much better, but certainly it can't be shown until launch).

So what you can expect from it (except better design):
- Current web site actually works on Apache \ PHP (ok, don't laugh - it was developed 5 years ago). The new one works on ASP.Net & DataObjects.Net.
- User profiles: generally any download action will require you to login \ register. Earlier we were using private URLs, which is certainly much less convenient. So shortly it will be enough to login to get the access to all the products you've ordered, as well as to nightly builds.
- Much better Downloads section: new web site "understands" such types, as Product, Edition, Version, etc., and binds all the downloadable materials (documentation, help files, license agreements, etc.) to them, so it will be much easier to find the appropriate file \ a particular version of it, or related materials.
- Integration with blogs: first of all, this blog will replace old News section. Secondly, we're going to add some other blogs related to some particular projects \ technologies, or simply maintained by some of our developers. So there will be much more news ;)
- Integration with Support Forum: new posts on it will be displayed on the first page of our web site. Further there will be common authentication \ accounts as well.
- Much faster order processing: it should take few minutes from the moment of purchase to get the ordered product listed in your Downloads section.
- The content will be updated (there are some pages on the current one we're in shame for, e.g. this one).
- Finally, Russians have some sense of humor as well, and there should be some proof of it ;). Ok, I'm announcing this at least to make you to browse all the pages after the launch ;)

Further plans (before official DataObjects.Net v4.0 launch) include support for product activation (ok, it seems the most part of our customers knows we don't validate the amount of ordered licenses now - and actually that's what we dislike), Help Desk and Knowledge Base.

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