Saturday, June 07, 2008

DataObjects.Net 4.0: early preview will be shown on the next week

We're going to show early DataObjects.Net 4.0 preview on the next weekend. Don't expect anything sensational from it - for now we'll show just a very simple sample application for it showing basic CRUD capabilities. For now we're considering two options describing what and for whom to show this preview:
- Include source code of all core assemblies with tests into the preview and make it available for Enterprise \ Professional Edition users only. Plus: the code isn't well-documented for yet, so source code will help a lot for beginners. Minus: we'll significantly limit our potential test users base.
- Include just core assemblies and make the preview available for anyone. Pluses are obvious, the minus is that we're exposing some of our know-hows publicly before actual release in this case. We don't want to obfuscate everything (we consider it's better to be open from this point), moreover, obfuscated preview is actually less attractive for deep studying.

The final decision here isn't made yet, so any comments \ proposals are welcome. Our further plan is nearly the following:
- CTP - ASAP, hopefully - till the end of this month. It should already allow to build applications based on new DataObjects.Net, but will still have many lacks (at least - related to schema upgrade, LINQ support and limited SQL query capabilities - only RSE-to-SQL queries will be supported).
- Release and official launch in Summer. Hopefully - during the first half of August. Will allow to build generally any king of RDBMS application with it. Should include not just our in-memory storage provider, but file system storage provider as well - i.e. it will offer built-in RDBMS. Will include extendable provider-independent full-text indexing & search engine. This time we're planning to arrange product launch better - there should be offline 1-day sessions in Ekaterinburg at least, and after some short period - in Europe [and/or] USA, dependently on the amount of people that wants to visit them.
- A set of essential updates in Autumn. At least, we're planning to show what really distributed storage means for us.

And one less attractive announcement: we'll change DataObjects.Net prices shortly after publishing the preview - they'll be noticeably higher. But we're thinking about making Express Edition of v4.0 more featured.


  1. First of all thanks for a great news! Secondly as a developer who’s been waiting for DataObject.Net 4.0 release for quite some time already and not having a Professional or Enterprise license of a current product I would find it pity not to be able to try out the upcoming release. On the other hand I see the problem, sometimes it’s difficult to have both of two worlds - having the application being tested properly and protect the know-hows at the same time.

    If it was up to me, I would probably go for the second proposal. In that case the new code would be tested more thoroughly and regarding your fear of a know-how leakage: why are you so sure that someone with a Professional of Enterprise license wouldn’t spread it through the net? Protect your code and make it available to the general public I would say, should people have difficulties understanding the logic (lack of the documentation as you said), there is a forum to help each other, isn’t it?

  2. We finally decided to publish everything as source code - it will be available in several hours for Enterprise and Professional Edition users. Till the end of this month we will release official CTP - it will contain binaries, and will be available for everyone.

    Comments on this early source code will be published shortly.