Saturday, August 30, 2008

September, 2nd is the final date of DataObjects.Net v4.0 public release

We have finally done it! We're ready to show the brand new DataObjects.Net v4.0.


  1. Does this mean there will be no documentation for the product?

  2. Yes, on release there will be quite poor documentation. But:
    - There is XML comment-based documentation. But it is good only for very stable parts of the framework, such as Xtensive.Core. Changing parts are poorly documented.
    - We'll open Wiki describing the product. It already exists, but for now it describes mainly our internal standards related to it (coding style, repositories, etc.).
    - All our existing tests will be available - this should help as well.
    - Finally, there is a simple sample application. Of course later is will be much more advanced, but for now... :(

    P.S. We fully understand that such a release must be called "alpha". But on the other hand, the earlier we show it (uff, we already spent a lot of time on it), the earlier it will get its final shape. And finally, that was one of the reasons to provide "GPL edition" of new DataObjects.Net - such a quality is more then acceptable for initial releases under this type of license. And of course we want to show the technology we have - we believe it is really promising. And that's what we want to fully prove in 1-2-3 months.

  3. Does this release have (at least) the same functions as the current 3.9.x release?

  4. No - it is completely different. It offers different API and work completely differently. The details (Wiki + reference) will be available shortly.

    So if you're thinking of migration right now, it's not a good idea. But you can start playing with it and even try developing rather simple applications on it.

    I estimate the quality of it is nearly the same as of v1.0 release - i.e. a bit buggy, but working & demonstrating its potential & approach to the problem. We spent ~ 2-3 months after the release to make v1.0 fully working. In 3 more months we released v2.0 (with security system). So actually everything should go much faster after the release.

    Btw, the total size of all the assemblies forming new v4.0 is 1.8 MB, the size of v3.9 assembly is 2.1 MB. So we fully rewrote the product during last 1.5 years. But really big difference is in code - I believe 80-90% of code will surprise you by its quality.