Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

DataObjects.Net v4.0: status update

Fortunately or not, but we decided to not waste the time on update this weekend, since we anyway must update the DataObjects.Net in the end of this month. Instead, we're wasting our time on:
- Performance tests and comparisons - by the end of this month you'll be able to compare DataObjects.Net with ADO.NET Entity Framework, raw SqlClient, and quite likely - with some object storage implemented purely on .NET. We believe this is quite important aspect for everyone.
- Stability of newly added code.

And as it was promised, we're updating our Wiki. The amount of added articles grows fast, even although most of them are updated by just one guy ;)

SQL is dying

We've just published a new article in our DataObjects.Net v4.0 Wiki: SQL is dying. It explains key decisions we've made related to DataObjects.Net v4.0 architecture.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

DataObjects.Net v4.0 licensing model is changed

Please see DataObjects.Net Wiki: Commercial Licenses page for details.

Web site pages related to licensing aren't updated yet - we postponed this update till Monday to deliver it along with a set of other planned changes.

And finally: right now we provide 30% discount for early adopters of the new version: use DO40EA coupon code on "your cart" page (at share-it!) to get it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

DataObjects.Net v4.0 is released!

Product page: http://www.x-tensive.com/Products/DO/

Documentation: DataObjects.Net Wiki and Reference. For now everything here is very crude and quite incomplete, but we'll intensively work on it during the nearest days.

For now there are no samples, just our tests. The sample WindowsForms application we have will be replaced by WPF sample shortly (it was developed few months ago, and actually it is a bit outdated now, so we simply don't want to show not the best practices, moreover, for the outdated technology base).

P.S. You'll obviously find the "release" (it really can't be called a real one) is made up in hurry - that's what we were doing during last 8 months of delay, and we really don't what to delay it any more. It is almost the framework we are going to bring, and even Xtensive.Storage project itself is almost the same as it must finally be.