Friday, October 03, 2008

DataObjects.NET v4.0 is updated

Today we updated DataObjects.Net v4.0 installers to the current code base. Please refer to Roadmap for details.

Other updates:
- DataObjects.Net Wiki has got a new style
- DataObjects.Net v4.0 Reference at our Online Help site is updated.


  1. Brief status report: we're still working on update we planned to do on October, 12 - it will be available till this Friday.

  2. We've just updated v4.0 to the most current code base. There is a WPF sample as well.

    But I'd recommend you to wait for today's evening or tomorrow: the sample isn't "perfect" from the point of some approaches, i.e. it is a bit outdated. So we'll update it ASAP once more, as well as the whole web site.