Monday, November 10, 2008

Updates:, DataObjects.Net roadmap

- We've just finished with minor update of our web site. Press F5 to fix possible display problems (old CSS might still be cached by your browser).
- DataObjects.Net v4.0 Roadmap is updated. It also reflects the features we're working on now.
- As it is mentioned there, DataObjects.Net v4.0 will be updated on the nearest weekend.


  1. Unfortunately we couldn't publish the update on Sunday, as well as today - there is a single tricky problem we should resolve now: WPF sample doesn't work because of a problem with aspect injecting a protected constructor (it allows DO to create entity instance fast). Invocation of this constructor leads to an exception, although its IL seems correct. Strange, but we don't face the same problem with tests.

    We hope to fix it tomorrow and publish the update.

  2. Do you planing DO 4.0 for mono? May be without some functionality like WPF events.

  3. We don't have such near-time plans, but we're going to support Silverlight. Related works must start ~ in January, and frankly speaking, we hope this won't be too complex. We have quite loosely coupled architecture now, so mainly we should provide slower, but Silverlight-compatible versions of just several parts, such as Tuples, AssociateProvider and a set of delegate related helpers.

    During this phase we'll also try to produce a version compatible with Mono - Mono seems more compatible with .NET 2.0 in comparison to Silverlight. I suspect the primary source of problems here can be LINQ and expressions support in it, although I didn't check its state in Mono for several months.