Monday, February 09, 2009

DataObjects.NET v4.0 is updated

Brief list of new features:
- Partial LINQ support. As you might know, LINQ is work in progress for us, so for now its implementation is really partial. For example, you can't use left loins, SelectMany and so on. But it already works. Further details on this will be published here shortly.
- All the samples are "ported" to LINQ.
- New installer. It is capable of downloading and installing all the dependencies required by DO (for example, PoshSharp) and installs DataObjects.Net Project Template. It can't install source code for now - we have rather limited time on it. But shortly it will.
- Many other changes, mainly in Storage project. AFAIK almost all the bugs reported to us are fixed.

Happy downloading! Hopefully our server won't fall... Ironical laughting :}

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