Thursday, July 02, 2009

ADO.NET Data Services (Astoria) sample for DO4

Here it is:\Samples

What's there:
- Simple Customer-Order model
- Astoria service sharing it
- WindowsForms client consuming it
- Silverlight client consuming it.

Silverlight client screenshots:

WindowsForms client screenshots:

Installation & running:


0. Install Silverlight Tools and Silverlight 2.0.

1. Create web site with IIS Manager, home directory must be SilverlightClient.Web
2. Add Default.aspx to default pages (Web site properties -> Documents page)
3. Set ASP.NET Version to 2.x.x (Web site properties -> ASP.NET page -> ASP.NET version)
4. Add MIME type with extension: .xap and MIME type: application/x-Silverlight-app
(Web site properties -> HTTP Header page -> MIME Types button)
5. Enable anonymous access, disable "Integrated Windows authentication"
(Web site properties -> Directory Security page -> Authentication and access control,
Edit button)
6. Grant NTFS read permission to Everyone group for SilverlightClient.Web folder
6. Restart IIS.
7. Open http://localhost/[YourWebSite] in browser


1. Run Server
2. Run WinFormsClient.

Please ask any questions related to this sample in comments to this post.

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