Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We reached small but important milestone - LiveUI v0.5 is released!

Hello all,

We are glad to introduce the next version of our promising LiveUI framework.

LiveUI v0.5 brings the following features:

  • Routing & URL rewriting subsystem.
  • Testability.
  • Presentation model pattern based approach.
  • Full support of ExtJs 2.2 controls library - every ExtJs control has its own comprehensive ASP.NET representation now.
  • Web Forms module. The same as existing ExtJs Forms but made over pure ASP.NET with JQuery for advanced controls like calendar.
  • File uploading infrastructure. Completely resolves almost all issues related to uploading.
  • Various less important enhancements like improvements of client state storage or script generation optimizations.

Visit our demo page and play with the samples illustrating these features.
Browse over the sources. It is really easy to write such an application by you own with minimal efforts. Isn't it?

We hope you enjoy the LiveUI!

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