Monday, August 31, 2009

Preliminary v4.0.6 results on ORMBattle.NET test suite

Today we're updating ORMBattle.NET scorecard. And although DataObjects.Net won't appear there, we tested latest DataObjects.Net nightly build (upcoming v4.0.6) on it. So you can compare its results with ADO.NET Entity Framework and NHibernate.

As you see, DO has not degraded at all after getting new batching pipeline (earlier I described it here) - a good sign ;) On the other hand, these tests can't show the benefits of this pipeline. You'll feel its presence only if you're running both query and CUD operations in a single transaction, but ORMBattle.NET tests currently test each operation individually. So let's wait for real-life tests.

P.S. Few days ago we published information about DataObjects.Net code coverage. If you don't track new entries in DataObjects.Net blog, I'm re-posting the link here.

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