Saturday, August 15, 2009

We've launched ORMBattle.NET

Check it out:

ORMBattle.NET is devoted to direct ORM comparison. We compare quality of essential features of well-known ORM products for .NET framework, so this web site might help you to:

  • Compare the performance of your own solution (based on a particular ORM listed here) with peak its performance that can be reached on this ORM, and thus, likely, to improve it.
  • Choose the ORM for your next project taking its performance and LINQ implementation quality into account.
The story behind ORMBattle.NET is published here.

If you read its unofficial launch announcement, you must know we have updated it after that moment:
  • We run tests on 3 item sequences with different length now: there are 1K, 5K and 30K items. Result for 1K sequence is published on the first page, everything else is in downloads section.
  • There is online code browser created by Alexander Ilyin on his LiveUI framework. So shortly it will be possible to study DataObjects.Net samples source code without downloading & installing DataObjeects.Net as well.
  • Finally, there is a blog with RSS/Atom subscription. Since we're going to update our tests & results approximately once a month, think about subscribing there :)
Have a nice weekend!

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