Thursday, October 22, 2009

Help Server 2.1.1 is released

We've fixed several important issues there; moreover, now it automatically switches to scriptless mode when JavaScript is not available.


  • "Content" tab is usable even if JavaScript is turned off
  • PlainToc.aspx is removed
  • Memory consumption optimization.
  • Installer does not properly install web application on IIS 7
  • Articles inside help files can't be added to <nodes> structure
  • Articles from help files are not indexed by search engines, if they're added as separate nodes in <nodes> structure
  • Help files with the same name are not properly indexed by search engines.
  • Wrong locale decoding for .Chm files
  • Garbage information can be extracted from binary TOC of .HxS files
  • Invalid plain index can be extracted from .HxS files
  • "Loading..." is showing before loading process starts while scrolling up in "Index" tab
  • Wait page is showing only for "Search" tab
  • Invalid content encoding, see
The updated files are already published in our Downloads area.

1 comment:

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