Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.2 RC is available

It happened: now you can download DataObjects.Net v4.2 Release Candidate. Its reference and manual (in PDF) are available there as well.

What's new

Please refer to this post for details.


The version we've published must be quite stable - especially, for Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. I just looked up test results @ our build servers - from 0 to 2 tests fail there out of ~ 1380 in different test configurations(mapping scenarios) for these two database servers. 

So v4.2 RC is more stable than any official release we published earlier.

Known issues

  • Database creation wizard must be added for SQL Server!
Framework itself
  • Oracle support for 9i and 10g is broken in the current version (AFAIK, because of schema extractor bug), so you can use it only with Oracle 11g.
  • A set of  sections must be added, including "Versions, CC & locking", "Full-text search", etc.
  • System namespace contains classes from mscorlib.dll, but doesn't contain our own ones. Must likely this is a result of bug in Sandcastle.
  • .HxS version: all resources from Manual are missing there (images, CSS, etc.). Since .CHM version contains all these files, this can be a result of bug in Sandcastle.
  • All connection URL lists in samples must be extended to support default SQL Server Express installation and, likely, SQL Server CE database.
  • WPF Sample logo: we must provide 64x64 icon here (current one looks absolutely inacceptable in Windows 7 taskbar).
Sandbox projects

OrderAccounting project:
  • No copyright, etc. (standard header for our .cs files)
  • Thrown exceptions aren't shown
  • Default connection URL must be set to memory (likely, the same must be done for other Sandbox projects)
  • Bugs:
    - PlainWpf: Customers, Add ..., Close - error.
    - PlainWpf: Default number is 0. KeyGenerator bug, or?
    - Mvvm: error on any Add/Open action.
Nearest plans

We're going to fix most of these issues on this week (e.g. likely, the issues related to Sandcastle won't be fixed) and release v4.2 final. 

There will be minor updates related to code base as well - mainly, bugfixes, if something new will be found.

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