Wednesday, February 17, 2010 is updated (warning: beta version!)

Today we've published a new (= face lifted) version of Changes there aren't dramatic, but I like the way it changed. Mainly, we touched the front page and DataObjects.Net page.

Press F5, if you feel there is something wrong - old CSS might be cached.

Note that it's a beta version, so there are lots of issues - some links from first page banner points to wrong articles; plus, there are pearls like "Localized versions of objects (January 2010)" (factual mistake: this is already implemented as Localization sample). They'll be eliminated during this week.

And, likely, you already know that on the beginning of the next week we're releasing two major updates to our products:

So stay tuned :)


  1. Great news!
    Your website becomes much more clear and simple to navigate.
    New DO start page looks excellent!
    I am happy to see that DO brilliant beauty principles now reflecting on DO website too!
    God bless you!

  2. I'm glad you like it. Thanks.

    p.s. в моих оптимистичных планах запуск сайта должен был состоятся ещё в ноябре, но новогодние срочные работы помешали этому :)

    Sergey, web designer

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  4. You have one of the greatest manual to understand to use your product. I see that it have a lot of work done. Compare it to the manual ship with LightSpeed of Mindscape and you win easily.

    Samuel, Analyst programmer senior

  5. I'm glad to hear this. Manual was (and still is - few essential parts there, e.g. about DisconnectedState, are under construction) one of the most painful part before. There was Wiki, but, as we discovered, no one likes the idea to browse it in nearly random link-by-link fashion. The people need something like book they can read sequentially.

    So now we're teking in this direction. and I really glad to hear our work isn't a waste of time ;)