Tuesday, March 02, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.2 is released!

DataObjects.Net v4.2 is our first official release after v4.0.5 (August 2009) - a bit more than 6 months have passed after that moment, and as you will find, we didn't waste the time during this period:

What's new

We've made a lot of other features and changes, but I hope the most important ones are listed above now. If you're interested, see this and that lists, there are all the issues we've implemented from v4.0.5 release (198 in total).

Known issues

  • Install.bat \ Uninstall.bat files must be executed with Administrator permissions on Windows Vista and above. Of course, this is important only if you'll use them. Standard installer already does this (you'll be requested to provide Administrator permissions for it by UAC prompt on its start).
Framework itself
  • Oracle support for 10g is temporarily broken in the current version, so you can use it only with Oracle 9i and 11g.
  • A set of  sections must be added, including "Disconnected operations", "Full-text search", etc.
Sandbox projects
  • OrderAccounting project is buggy. Frankly speaking, we were unable to fix all the issues there during last days. The cause is DissconnectedState key remapping behavior on ApplyChanges, which is relatively new. All the issues there will be fixed shortly; for now we recommend you to study WPF - it fully relies on DisconnectedState as well now.
Nearest plans
  • Improve Manual and samples further releasing minor updates 1-2 times per month. 
  • Migrate to .NET 4.0 and PostSharp 2.0. Or, more precisely, provide .NET 4.0 version - so far we aren't going to fully leave .NET 3.5.

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