Monday, March 29, 2010

Discount and subscriptions on DataObjects.Net

We updated "License" page in DataObjects.Net Wiki - now it reflects some changes we're planning to implement. There are:

  • Discounts: right now we offer 15% discount for new orders, and 10% - for subscription prolongations. The offer is intact till March 31, 2010.
  • Subscriptions: now you can pay for SMB and Enterprise licenses by ordering a subscription with 2-month billing period. So totally there are 6 payments, 20% of pay-at-once license cost each, thus total license cost is about 20%. But imagine: 99 USD per month - it's cheaper than VPS, and there is 15% discount! Conditions will never be more attractive. I wrote we'll adjust the prices in June, mainly to properly position the product relatively to its competitors. Check out e.g. this one, and think which of such functional can be covered by DO4 with DisconnectedState.
  • Internal license is not available now.

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