Saturday, March 06, 2010

New posts in blogs

P.S. Guys, sorry, but I just decided to share your Skype pics here - people should know your real nature :)

// Actually I did this just to add some colors. And I know they don't read comments.


  1. Alex, these post-by-post summaries are bit annoying already. I would appreciate one-liner about new blogs of your guys, but this takes 3x scrollwheel rotations in GoogleReader, too often ;-)
    If you do it for SEO, please don't spam RSS feed people are actually reading.


  2. No, we don't do this for CEO - we do this because Xtensive blog don't aggreage others, but it is the blog our newsletter is built from.

    Thanks a lot for sharing the impression - we'll think how to optimize this. I fully understand repeating and annoying content must be excluded.