Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free licenses for DataObjects.Net and Help Server for bloggers, article writers and user group speakers

We offer free licenses for DataObjects.Net and Help Server for bloggers, article writers and user group speakers.

The rules:

  • We give promotional points for each publication or talk related to DataObjects.Net.
  • The idea and content of publication or talk must be previously approved by us to apply for points, although there can be exceptions. So you can apply for points after the publicaiton or talk, but we don't guarantee they'll be provided in this case.
  • Exact count of promotional points in each particular case is determined by the scoring rules described below. Scoring rules might change later.
  • Each point is equal to 1 EUR.
  • You may acquire our licenses, upgrades and support subscriptions for your promotional points, or get a discount for the same amount of EUR. If item is priced in other currency (e.g. USD), the conversion rate for your points is determined by this way:
  • Unfortunately, promotional points aren't convertable to real money :)
  • Publication in your own blog: PointsYouGet = 100 + 2 * CountOfVisitorsCameToUsFromArticlePageDuring1stMonth.
    Publication of technical article on specialized site (, etc.): PointsYouGet = 300 + 2 * CountOfVisitorsCameToUsFromArticlePageDuring1stMonth.
  • Publication of short article / announcement on social link exchange resource (,, etc.): PointsYouGet = 0.3 * CountOfVisitorsCameToUsFromArticlePageDuring1stMonth.
  • Talk @ .NET UG / ALT.NET UG or similar event: PointsYouGet = 300 + 20 * CountOfListeners.
  • Additionally, we provide 1 Standard Edition license (of either DataObjects.Net or Help Server) to be gifted to a participant that:
    a) Will take active part in discussions;
    b) Will really need the license.
  • Placing logo of one of our products with link to us at your web site: PointsYouGet = 0.5 * CountOfVisitorsCameToUs. New points are calculated each month.
  • Something else, that might be interesting for us: we're open for any interesting suggestions, so please send us your proposal by e-mail. This includes writing a sample for us, adding some missing functionality, improving our documentatiuon and so on. 
  • CountOfVisitorsCameToUsFromArticlePageDuring1stMonth is determined by our Google Analytics counters installed at We'll send you a screenshot (or a set of them) approving the info.
  • CountOfListeners is determined by your photos or video.
So hopefully, some of you will like this idea. By heping us to promote our products, you're getting indirect advantage as well: better sales usually imply faster development.


  1. This is very educational content and written well for a change. It's nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post!